Planned Breedings

GCH Archangel's Hear Me Roar "Quinn" 
 Meier Struttin My Stuff at Archangel "Layla" 
Litter planned 2014

CH Archangel's Hear Me Roar GCH CH Carillon's MVP BIS BISS CH Capri's Woods End Spellcaster SOM, LOM CH Woods End Crown Sable SOM, LOM CH Keil's Dynasty SOM, LOM
CH Woods End Moon Whisper DOM
CH Rummer Run's Capri CH Hi-Tech's Aristocrat SOM
CH Rummer Run's Tattle Tail
CH Carillon Ellie's Grand Finale Ch Donray's Butch Cassidy The Kid Ch PawPrint's Plainly Spoken, CGC, HIC
Ch Donray's Mist Of The Lake DOM
Ch Carillon Elegance Rummerrun DOM Ch. Rummer Run's High Noon SOM
Ch Lonestar's Tangipahoa
Boxwood Keepsake Of Rummer Run CH Hi-Tech's Basic Edition SOM CH Hi-Tech Johnny J Of Boxerton LOM CH Hi-Tech's Aristocrat SOM
CH Boxerton Crown Imperial DOM
CH Hi-Tech's Limited Edition CH Hi-Tech's Arbitrage LOM
CH Hi-Tech's Current Edition
CH Rummer Run's Majorette CH Rummer Run's Major General CH Rummer Run's Lucky Strike
CH Holly Lane's Free As The Wind
CJ's Final Answer CH Rummer Run's Ticker Tape
CH CJ's Double Trouble Of EWO
Meier Struttin My Stuff at Archangel Archangel's Lock N Load CGC OFA24F BIS BISS CH Capri's Woods End Spellcaster SOM, LOM CH Woods End Crown Sable SOM, LOM CH Keil's Dynasty
CH Woods End Moon Whisper
CH Rummer Run's Capri CH Hi-Tech's Aristocrat
CH Rummer Run''s Tattle Tail
Country Time's Archangel Of Ardor CGC CH Port O Calls First Mate CH Sampson Cay
Karizma Seaside Cooberpedy
Portocalls Black Diamond CH Rummer Run's High Noon
CJ's Final Answer
Meier's Portocalls Lady Kiki Of Rosecreek CH Kami-Ko N' Kini Bet On Rosecreek CH High River's Taylor Made Of Backwoods SOM CH High River's Cadet Of Salbad
High River's Classic Rose
Kami-Ko N' Kini's Black Mischief CH BrantMar's Mostly Mischief
Turain's Rocky Top Gemstone
INT CH Port O Calls Katrina Of Showcase CH Port O Calls Tide Of Carillon CH Rummer Run's High Noon SOM
CH CJ's Picture Perfect Of Rummer Run
CH Boxwood Lucky Lady CH High River's Taylor Made Of Backwoods
CH CJ's Boxwood Charisma


"Champions aren't made in the gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them -
a desire, a dream, a vision."
Muhammad Ali - American Boxer

"He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion."
George Graham Vest

*Pour cold apple juice on the carpet in several places and walk around barefoot in the dark.
*Wear a sock to work that has had the toes shredded by a blender.
*Immediately upon waking, stand outside in the rain and dark saying, "be a good puppy and go potty-hurry up now- come on, let's go!
*Cover all your best suits with dog hair. Dark suits must have white and light suits must have dark. Also float some hair in your first cup of morning coffee.
*Play catch with a wet tennis ball.
*Run out in the snow in your bare feet to close the gate
*Tip over a basket of clean laundry, scatter clothing all over the floor.
*Leave your underwear on the living room floor, because that is where the dog will drag it anyway (especially when you have company).
*Jump out of your chair shortly before the end of your favorite TV show and run to the door shouting, "No NO! Do that OUTSIDE!" Miss the end of the program.
*Gouge the leg of the dining room table several times with a screwdriver.
*Put chocolate pudding on the carpet in the morning, and do not try to clean it up until you return from work that evening.
*Take a warm, cuddly blanket out of the dryer and immediately wrap it around yourself. This is the feeling you get when your puppy falls asleep on your lap.

Author Unknown


On the fifth day of Creation, the Lord made all the animals. He crafted many breeds of dog. There were big dogs, little dogs; longhaired ones, smooth coated and wire-haired ones; yellow, black, spotted and brindle ones. The Lord viewed them with great pleasure. Then He spoke, "I have made a great variety which none other of my animals can equal, but now I will mold a masterpiece;a dog in which nobility, power, speed and courage are perfectly balanced by beauty, good-nature and friendliness." Thereupon the Lord took up a piece of clay and shaped from it the Boxer, which looked exactly as it does today,except that its head was like the heads of other dogs with cut-thrust nose. The Lord was pleased with his handicraft and said, "he is good beyond my expectations. I will put him aside for a while, for his clay is yet soft and could easily suffer damage." But, the Boxer had heard the Lord's words that he of all dogs was the most beautiful and courageous and began to boast proudlyand demand admiration from the others. The smaller breeds were in full agreement and rendered the Boxer his due respect. However, the larger dogs were overcome by prideful vanity, jealous that a medium-sized animal should surpass them. There were angry words, and growling and suddenly the Boxer jumped at his tormenters in rage. He forgot that the clay of his nose was still soft. The angry impact compressed and blunted it.
When the antagonists were separated once more, the Lord smiled and said,"Since you are my favorite, there shall be no punishment except for all time to come, you shall wear your nose as it now is." And he who doubts the truth of this tale has only to watch the Boxer in his relationship to other breeds.All smaller dogs he greets with friendliness, remembering their respect and loyalty, but,to this day the Boxer cannot forget nor forgive the taunting of the larger ones, flung at him on the day of his creation.


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